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Citadel of Sidon Today
Citadel of Sidon - As It Appeared on Year 1810. It was built by the Crusadors in the early 13th century.  
Painting Of The Citadel of Sidon  

                                   Sidon Tourism

Sidon Attractions

The entrance to Sidon from the north is on a wide divided highway lined with palm trees. As you approach, the landmark Crusader Sea Castle and modern port installations are immediately visible. The busy main street is full of small shops of every kind, including patisseries, whose oriental delicacies are stacked in little pyramids.

Citadel of Sidon



Sidon is famous for a variety of local sweets which you can watch being made in the old souk or in shops on the main street.


The particular specialty of Sidon is known as "senioura," a delicious crumbly cookie.


The old section of modern Sidon developed at the end of the Crusader period. Here the visitor will enjoy wandering along the sea front to the Crusader Sea Castle, and looking around the old souks, “khans” (caravansaries) and other medieval remnants.


Below are the main sites a tourist could visit in Sidon:


  Interactive Map of Sidon    
  Tips for Sidon Visitors    
  The Sea Castle Built by the crusaders on the 13th century  
  The Temple of Eshmoun    
  The Resthouse - Istiraha    
  The Souks    
  Khan El-Franj    
  Khan as-Sabun    
  The Great Mosque    
  The Castle of St. Louis    
  The Murex Hill    
  Port North Channel Harbor    
  The Necropoli of Sidon    
  Down Town Sidon    
  Sidon Marina    
  Sidon Useful Links    
  Lebanese Famous Cities    
  Interactive Map of Lebanon    


Information From the Ministry of Tourism

Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

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