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Citadel of Sidon Today
Citadel of Sidon - As It Appeared on Year 1810. It was built by the Crusaders in the early 13th century.  
Painting Of The Citadel of Sidon  

                                 Khan As Sabun

Sidon Khan As Sabun

In 1480, the governor of Tripoli Youssef Bek Sayfa established Khan Al Saboun, in the last days of Mamluks.

And this place was a station to the visitors who came from outside to take a break. Because soap processing was so popular, the Khan had become a trading center for making and selling soap and it has been known since that time as Khan Al Saboun .
The Hassouns (our company)was one of the families who were known in making soap. And now, Khan Al Saboun produced more than three hundred kind of soap, and is a competitor in the world soap market.

The Souks of Sidon




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Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

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