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Citadel of Sidon Today
Citadel of Sidon - As It Appeared on Year 1810. It was built by the Crusadors in the early 13th century.  
Painting Of The Citadel of Sidon  















Lebanon - Saidon


Saidon.com - Lebanese Official Holidays

New Year's Day January 1
Eid El-Adha 2 Days
Armenians Christmas 1 Day
Hijria New Year 1 Day
Achoura 1 Day
St. Maroun February 9
Prophet Birthday 1 Day
Good Friday Friday
Easter Sunday, Monday
Labor Day May 1
Saint Mary Day August 15
Eid El-Fitr 2 Days
Lebanon-Independence Day November 22
Christmas December 25

Information From the Ministry of Tourism

Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

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Tripoli Citadel


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